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This fiber's getting everywhere!
It's on my desk; it's in my hair.
That little mistake that I made
will drive me crazy, I'm afraid.
Worthy of a novice knitter,
but I'll fix it; I'm no quitter.
Tangled mess of blue and green:
I could have forged on-- who'd have seen?
Process knitter that I am,
I could not leave it. It's a sham
to say I'm perfect, but I try
to make my garments please my eye.

I stare, I glare, I tear. I swear:
I do not like to tink* mohair!

--Care to write some knitting doggerel with me today?

* tink -- knit spelled backwards. It's a a knitter's term for 'unknitting' back, stitch by stitch, to correct an error.
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I'm in a bad mood once again!
My job is very stressful,
My extra work is piling up--
My garden? Is a cesspool.

And so today, I challenge you
To cheer yourselves (and me!)
By getting all your yahoos out
Through dreadful poetry!

Forget the craft, eschew the art
Of careful scans and rhymes.
Just spit it out! Enjoy yourself
Committing culture crimes.

Link to the first Doggerel Day post, back in November

Post some bad poetry today. Rhyme 'til it feels good!
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Here is my list of Doggerel Day entries made by people on my Friends List.

Filkerdave, Fleetfootmike, Bardling, Braider, Smallship1, Keristor, Mnemex, Zencuppa, Autographedcat, Soren_Nyrond, Markbernstein, Maverickweirdo, Allisona, Smoooom, Lothie, Thatcrazycajun, Me! (friendslocked), Cadhla, Clothsprogs, Redaxe, Catsittingstill, Sweetmusic_27, Mdlbear, Aunty_marion, Little_Cinnamon, PocketNaomi, Beige_Alert, Filkerdave, PaToAdam, Plaid-Dragon, Faxpaladin, Tig-B, Maedbh7, Tibicina, Weirdsister, BillRoper, Porpentine, Pbristow, RMS-Butterfly, Joecoustic, Pondside

That's 41 Doggerel Day entries, just on my friends list, not counting my original post or comments to it (20, most if not all in verse). If more people on your friends list took the Doggerel Day challenge, please get links to me if you have time and inclination? I'd love to see how far it spread. :-)

Entries in comments from folks not on my friends list:
Rinioth, Shaevairc, Thnidu, Atreic, kightp

You guys are great.
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I'm not going to write this entry in verse, as Doggerel Day has been over for a few hours here. But I just want to say that seeing all that silliness yesterday really helped turn a day that was bad and going more bad by the minute more bearable.

I don't have time this morning to link to all the Doggerel Day posts I saw on my friends list yesterday, but I will try to compile them at some point before the day is over, and I'll put them into another public post. You can help: if anybody on your friends list who might not be on mine posted an entry for Doggerel Day, please comment to this post and put the links here?

And, I've now unscreened comments by folks not on my friends list to the original Doggerel Day entry, so go and have a look if you like, to see what people wrote there as comments.

Again, thank you very much. I know that in the end all the people who wrote doggerel yesterday didn't do it just for me-- but I'm pleased to know my little pick-me-up apparently can help other people as well. I'm pleased as punch my little attack of silliness went as far as it did. A hearty thanks, also, to the good people of #filkhaven, who helped spread it into near-memeishness.

It's another grey and rainy day in London, but tomorrow I'm working from home, which means a two-stage bus trip to Oxleas Wood for some heavy duty brainstorming in my satellite office. ;-)
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I'm in a very bad mood,
And so I think it wise
To chop all of my thoughts up
And serve them up bite-size.
With no regard for better verse
And eyes on the banal,
I plan to drivel endlessly
And thus annoy you all!

So if you're feeling brave enough,
I dare you! Follow me!
Post and comment bilge and poppycock,
The tripe will set you free!

Explanation in prose. )


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