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Let there be dancing in the streets-- or in the wood, at least!

I can now tell you, since we have the official word, that the Severndroog Castle Building Preservation Trust's Heritage Lottery Fund Bid for the renovation and reopening of Severndroog Castle has been approved!

We have been awarded a grant of:

Stage 1 pass
Development Grant of £15,900, 68% of the total eligible development work of £23,218

Now, this means the work is just beginning! If any of you are interested in coming down, volunteering, helping out, or giving money (and that last part is important; we are expected to match some funds here), please let me know or contact the Trust through our webpage linked above, but linked again here!

Being part of something like this is so rewarding. I am helping one of my favourite places in London (and a place that figures heavily in my books) come to life!
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I was waiting for an official post to rmf or something to link to from here, but I am pleased, delighted, honoured and squeed beyond belief to announce that I'll be the International Guest at next year's Consonance, the Bay Area filk convention.

I'm really looking forward not only to attending Consonance for the first time, but also to going back to the San Francisco area. It's a beautiful part of the US, and I have friends there I miss very much and will really enjoy seeing again.

My fellow guests are Jeff and Maya Bonhoff, who are the Guests of Honour, and one of my favourite people ever, Kathy Mar, who will be Toastmistress. [ profile] cadhla didn't tell me who the Interfilk guest for next year would be when she phoned me, but I'm sure we'll know soon enough.

It looks like I'll be visiting my native country at least once more. ;-)


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