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Yes, really. Thirty-one projects on needles. And eleven of them are NOT socks! I am unrepentant. I'm also sure there are a few more around the house somewhere....

Thirty-one Projects: Thirty-one Annotated Photographs!

FMR Haruni FMR Haruni
Made from Artisan Yarns silk in a colour they call Ravelry Red (but I think of as f**k me red), the Haruni is a lovely, simple shawl. It's my current active lace project, and I'm nearly ready to start the edging. Because the silk is so reflective, it doesn't photograph all that well, I'm afraid. And I haven't blocked this kind of silk before, so I'll be interested to see how well the lace opens up.
Spiral Cable Socks Spiral Cable Socks
Another amazing pattern from Think Outside The Sox, the Spiral Cable Socks are proving to be a great train knitting project, since they're made in a spiral. There's never more than nine stitches on a row, so I can always get to the next stop! Of course, the fact that they really are knit as a spiral, back and forth instead of circular, and I'm going to run out of marking wool unless I remember to put more in the project bag, means that they'll be slow going, because I don't really like knitting flat unless it's miles and miles of lace. Socks are meant to be circular. These will be stunning when finished, and that's the reason I'm persevering. That, and they give me the chance to knit backwards, which makes some other knitters (well, knitters who don't know me!) do double-takes. The wool is something I bought at Socktopus; I don't remember what it is, and I've identified it erroneously on Ravelry as Handmaiden Casbah. :-/
Ragna Ragna
An Elsbeth Lavold design from one of her amazing Viking Knitting books. The yarn is Rowan Magpie, discontinued, but I found someone on Craigslist who had just the right amount to sell.
Traveling Through the Dark Socks Traveling Through the Dark Socks
This is my own design, and it won't be available in the same way everything else will be. :)
Hats for a friend Hats for a friend
Only about half an hour away from being done. I should just finish it already. :)
Seedy Diamond Knee Socks Seedy Diamond Knee Socks
My own design. Stopped working on the second sock because it was the second sock. V may have convinced me to get moving on these again today!
Colonnade for my sister Colonnade for my sister
Yes, this was meant to be finished for last Christmas.... Stop looking at me like that! There'll be other Christmases! Colonnade is an excellent pattern from Knitty. The yarn is Malabrigo.
Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town Sock Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town Sock
My own design. This one won't be available the way others have been. :)
Serina Number Two Serina Number Two
My second Serina, made out of Elsbeth Lavold Hempathy. Stopped because I got bored, but really only a few hours left on this project. Serina is a pattern from Yarn Forward. Yarn was purchased at Mary Maxim in Port Huron MI on our last trip to the states.
Garterlac Scarf Garterlac Scarf
This Brown Sheep Naturespun started out as the Alien Illusion Scarf from Stitch and Bitch, but it didn't take me long to discover that illusion knitting, with its ticky row counting and annoying colour changes, makes me lose the will to live. This reversible, domino-knit (or Garterlac) scarf is from an Ann Norling pattern that I bought from Nease's Needlework in Atlanta GA yonks ago. The Naturespun, and probably the needles as well, are also from Nease's.
198 Yards of Heaven 2 198 Yards of Heaven 2
This is the second purple 198 Yards of Heaven shawl. It should have been finished ages ago, but you know how it goes. Cast on in February, 2010. It's made from Scrumptious. And it is scrumptious!
Serina Number Three Serina Number Three
This serina is all one colour, and made from 100% bamboo yarn bought at I think Hobbycraft in Dartford. Additional bamboo might have been purchased at John Lewis on Oxford Street, but I can't be sure. About at the same place as Serina number two, now that I think about it. I really should finish these and donate them to the Filk Fund or something. :)
Summer Sliding Sock Summer Sliding Sock
A Jeannie Fahnini design. I fell madly in love with this sock and decided I must make it from the Tropical Fish Zauberball I bought when Zauberball was new and wonderful (at the exorbitant price IKL charged for it --£11 when most places sell it for about £8!). I'm at the gusset increases, and I am pretty sure I stopped working on this because it was hard to knit on the train. As I'm much more confident with lace patterns these days, I might be more able to knit it while commuting now.
Knitty's Annis Shawl Knitty's Annis Shawl
Here's an excellent pattern from Knitty, the Annis Shawl. I don't like the construction much on this shawl: it starts with an umpty-hundred stitch cast-on and will become extremely boring after the lace edging, but that said, I think it's beautiful. It's just in progress with Malabrigo lace yarn purchased from Mrs Moon's in St. Margaret's. This is another gift for my sister. And I WILL finish it!
Ha-Rika! Ha-Rika!
Started in February of 2009, this sock is an excellent design, and I love it. It's for the wonderful Rika, and I should have finished it ages ago. I'm really not in a stranded knitting cycle right now, and colourwork in general makes me lose the will to live. But once I get started on it again, it'll go quickly. Honest.
Two-At-A-Time MA Socks Two-At-A-Time MA Socks
Some of you know that I've been knitting socks in my MA classes. I went on a cast-on binge in June or July, and several of the things I cast on were specifically meant to be socks I could knit in class without thinking about it. These will probably be plain; they are made from the amazing Sushi Sock Roll I got at the Stash closing down sale last year. I'll probably make a gusseted heel with these, but you never know with my make it up as you go along style.
Hypnosis Sock Hypnosis Sock
Stopped working on this because the chart's too complex to knit on the Tube, which means it's mostly too complex to knit in class as well. The wool is lovely handpainted Firelizard Sock; the pattern comes from Janel Laidman's Eclectic Sole book.
Mermaid Mermaid
The Mermaid Shawl was the only project I could find that would work with the single skein of Handmaiden Seasilk I was able to afford while this colourway was available. Mermaid is a free pattern, available online. I haven't worked on this in a couple of weeks because I've been concentrating on V's birthday socks (now finished) and the Haruni you'll see later on.
Glass Slipper Socks Glass Slipper Socks
These are gorgeous socks. The toe on the finished one looks a bit weird because I let the foot pattern go on too long and should have started toe decreases sooner, but it fits fine and I'll make the second one to that model as well. Aside from the patterning on the end of the foot, these are easy enough to knit on the train, and I probably should pick them back up again. I will need to avoid the error I made on sock number one, though. Not telling you what it is! Glass Slipper is a free sock pattern available online; the yarn is Dream In Colour Stardust.
Purple Pomatamus Purple Pomatamus
I started this sock because I love Cookie A's designs and I hadn't knitted any of her viral socks yet. It was pretty easy going, but the sock is a bit too small and I'll have to give these away when I'm done with them. Pomatamus was published in Knitty, and the yarn is Schoppel-Wolle Admiral.
Crazy Zauberball Cabletini Crazy Zauberball Cabletini
I bought this Magic Zauberball at last year's I Knit Weekender (that's when I found out most people sell this wool for £8 and not £11), because I needed sock wool to use for a class `I was taking. I ripped the mini-sock out and wanted to make something easy and fun in this wool. Cabletini might not have been the best choice. Like all of Wendy Johnson's designs, it's elegant and intelligently designed. It's toe-up, which is a plus. What's not a plus is making dozens of tiny cables in the Crazy Zauberball, which is tweeded and splitty. I'm sure I'll finish these, just not feeling masochistic enough at the moment.
Heeere Be Dragone! Heeere Be Dragone!
An ambitious lace project I started something like two years ago. I will finish it, and nobody expects to finish one of Sharon Winsaur's amazing designs overnight. It was much too advanced for me when I started it, and now I don't have much time to knit something this complex. But it will be finished, because I need a neon green dragon! This is Malabrigo Lace wool. Yum.
Drops Eyelet Lace Socks Drops Eyelet Lace Socks
Made in Malabrigo Sock, these are from a free Drops pattern. They were intended for a friend of mine whom I don't get to see much any more, and so I've let them drift down to the bottom of the basket.
Dizzy Cable Socks Dizzy Cable Socks
When I started playing with sock designs, it also seemed like a good way to get rid of some stuff that had been sitting in my stash for ages. I'm the first to admit this Sockotta Cotton doesn't really do the design justice, but one day I'll knit it again in a plain wool. First sock is for design, second sock is for pattern testing. :)
Strangling Vine Scarf Strangling Vine Scarf
This scarf is made out of Colinette Jitterbug, one of my favourite sock wools. The colourway is Popsicle, one of my favourite snacks. It's only fitting that I started this as a gift for one of my favourite people, on the occasion of her first book publication. Of course, that was ages ago and now she's up for a Campbell. If someone says they'll mongol this to Australia for me, she might have it to wear at Worldcon. ;)
Habu Sampler Scarf Habu Sampler Scarf
From a Knitty design by Franklin Habit, this scarf will grow as a lace sampler whenever I feel like it. It's ticky to knit lace in black, but it does look nice. This is the only Habu I have.
Two At a Time MA Socks Two At a Time MA Socks
Here's another pair of plain socks I cast on to knit in MA classes this autumn. Carefully (and anally!) I made sure the patterning on the wool was identical. I'm going to enjoy watching these grow. I'll probably do them with an afterthought (peasant) heel, which is my preference for socks in awesome self-patterning wool. This is Fortissima Socka, my favourite of the self-patterning sock wools, purchased years ago from Nease's and sitting in my stash since before I even visited London.
Butterfly Cotton Socks Butterfly Cotton Socks
Meant also as a gift for my sister, these socks are made with a recipe from Charlene Schurch's Sensational Socks, and they include a lacy rib that used to give me fits but would now probably bore me. That said, they'd probably only take a few days to finish. I got this Butterfly Cotton in Singapore.
Cairdeas Socks Cairdeas Socks
This lovely sock is made from Cariad Flimstone Bay sock wool that I got from Socktopus. The design is by Yarnissima, and I loved it enough to buy the pattern. That said, it's too complex to knit on the tube, so it waits in the project basket for a holiday or for me to get excited enough that I must finish it.
Red Sky Morning Socks Red Sky Morning Socks
The pattern is from the brilliant book Think Outside the Sox. The wool is Cherry Tree Hill, which might be my favourite sock wool ever. This wool was originally intended for the Fagoting Lace Socks, and I bought it because I had to cast them on Right That Minute, but the wool was actually slightly too thick for the holes in the beads I was using. I changed to the solid colour Opal for the Fagoting Lace Socks and found this pattern for the Cherry Tree Hill.
G's Skew Socks G's Skew Socks
I don't get to knit much for my son, but he loved my Skew socks and said he'd wear them if I knitted them. These are made from Knit Col self-patterning DK, and the pattern was seriously viral from Knitty. I started these not long after I'd finished the first pair, and I just didn't want to do them again so soon. Eventually they'll be finished.

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