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I've started several simple pairs of socks in preparation for the next MA term, started the patterning on the Celtic Leaves shawl, worked hard, written a lot, and mostly knitted very simple things on the train.

Now though, with the hottest part of the summer hopefully behind us, I'm gearing up for KnitNation, where I'll be helping out at the KnitWitches stall and hopefully getting to attend a few events along the way. It should be fun.

Call me a compulsive project-starter (really, it's OK; I call myself that all the time!), but I want something lacy and silky to be knitting during KnitNation. Which one do you like best?

From left to right:
Two skeins of Handmaiden Sea Silk, 800m total
One skein of Seriously Gorgeous Laceweight Swiss Cashmere and Silk, 1,000m
One skein of Artisan Yarns Ravelry Red silk, 600m, and
One skein of Handmaiden Lace Silk, 600m

Now, since I'm working for KnitWitches, it might be politic for me to work with the Seriously Gorgeous. But it's a dark colour and I'm not feeling it right now, plus the cashmere content will make it less than ideal to knit in a hot exhibit hall. I'm leaning more toward the silk and silk/seacell blends, but tell me what you like best!


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