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Well, not terribly much progress I'm afraid. Despite the fact that last week was half-term for some people, I had to work a 60-hour week and prepare for four hours' worth of teaching on Saturday. There wasn't much time to work on this project, but what time I spent (a wee bit on Wednesday night at I Knit London and a couple of hours Sunday night at home) got me firmly into the second iteration of the spiral pattern. The Kauni colour change occurred so subtly that I didn't even notice it until I held the knitting up and saw that hey, it did change colour round about there! I am about six rounds into the 28-round offset, so you can just see the edges of the new spirals peeking through above the completed spiral (which looks fabulous, if I do say so myself!) This is a really exciting project, and I wish I had more time to work on it. Maybe this week.

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kniteracy: You can get this design on a card or a picture to hang! (knitting patterns)
Over lunch today, I realised I was nearing the end of the first spiral pattern repeat on [ profile] filceolaire's vest. Now, I'd spoken to [ profile] clothsprogs over the weekend, and he shored up my opinion that I don't want to repeat the braid band at the bottom of that pattern on every repeat: it'll look too much like stripes.

What I'm wondering now is, do I want to offset the repeat by 50% every other row? If you haven't seen the garment or you need a refresher, here's the post I wrote when I began it. It includes the spiral motif and my sketchy pattern. And here's the latest progress report, which will give you an idea of what the spirals look like in this wool.

I'm leaning heavily toward offsetting the spirals. The chart is an even number across, so it will be very simple to do, and I think it will somehow look more natural than just rows and rows of spirals. What do you think?

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kniteracy: You can get this design on a card or a picture to hang! (knitting!)
I'm not going to cut-tag this. It's just so cute! Seriously, this has been a blast to design and knit, and I've learned a lot. My first ever v-neck steek!

Cody's Finished Fair Isle Vest! Cody's Finished Fair Isle Vest!
Designed and knitted almost completely on the fly, this was quite an adventure. I’d never done a v-neck steek before, and it was a lot of fun and not very scary at all. I’m unhappy with the way the patterning turned out on the front, but I’m sure I can correct this miscalculation in future garments. For a human wearer, I’ll add more shaping to the back neck. I probably will knit one of these for a ball-jointed doll, just to get the more human-sized shaping down, although it’ll be fewer stitches to work with.

Ravelry Project Page for this garment.


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