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OK. Now I've talked before about what's different when you compare living in the UK to living in the US, and sometimes I've learned things (like where to get decent hot dogs) and sometimes life just bes that way and you have to lump it (note my semiannual importing of American feminine products, for example).

Would you believe that they don't regularly sell apple cider vinegar in the grocery store in the UK? The only product listing on the Tesco website is for a pricey salad vinegar. Everything else is malt vinegar or white wine vinegar.

Here's where I can get apple cider vinegar in the UK.

I can get it from Higher Nature, which looks to be a pricey health food website. For £6.95. For 300ML. Dude. I'm used to paying like $1 for a gallon of the stuff....

I can get it from Ostler's Cider Mill, and I can get it in 5- or 10-litre boxes (like wine in a box. Remember wine in a box? We're playing all the hits here on WIAB....). It's £24.95 for 5 litres and £36.91 for 10 litres (tempting, but where would I put it?).


I can get it from Wells Poultry Housing and Accessories (at, no less!) where it's £3.99 a litre and £12.95 for five.

Right. Here I go, shopping at, unless anybody else has a better suggestion.

And, as an aside -- [ profile] stevieannnie, what the *ahem* do you use apple cider vinegar for wrt chickens? From the web site: Apple Cider Vinegar 5 Litres
A total Natural Organic, anti-bacterial, anti-coccidial anthelmintic and tonic beneficial effects for all livestock and poultry. Increases egg supply,improves feathering and improves flavour and tenderness of meat birds.
Seriously? you feed chickens vinegar to make them more tender?

ETA: OK, OK, I have been shown the error of my ways once again! It is possible to buy cider vinegar in the UK at a grocery store for a decent price -- just not the way I was looking for it, on the Tesco website apparently tailored to my postcode. But. I am leaving this post up. For the chickens.

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....and of course, you can find anything on YouTube. Well, almost anything.

She blowed up reeeeal good!

Now, if anybody can find a video of Lenny Tang's Express Elevator to Hell ("Das' too bad fo' you, mah friend!"), I'll be happy. Well, for a couple of minutes, anyway. ;-)
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I got this from [ profile] cynnerth, who got it from somebody else, etc. Because obviously I wouldn't ever go looking for such stuff myself....

Three Wise Camels

This, combined with the memory of this seriously NSFW piece from Metaquotes....

Well, the mind wobbles.
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Today, [ profile] filceolaire confirmed his votor registration details online.

Here is the confirmation message, in its entirety:

Registration carried out by the elector on line 1
You have registered the following:-
All details on the form are correct and
There are no changes to the edited register column
Your registration is now complete.
Please do not return the registration form.
Thank you for using the Internet

Way-hey! We don't care what you're using that Internet for, but we're sure glad you're online! :-D
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[ profile] occams_pyramid asked for these after HarmUni, so I figured I'd just share them with all of you.

For those of you who who are not familiar with QI, it's a BBC quiz show that focuses not on people getting the right answer, but on asking really difficult questions and having people answer interestingly.

We did a filk version of this quiz at HarmUni. Originally, I was just searching for some questions for a general filk quiz, but then [ profile] pdcawley mentioned QI, and I thought that would be a great theme for a filk quiz game.

Not everybody is as familiar with QI as I am, so there was no way to really explain that the scoring is completely arbitrary with lots of penalties if the host doesn't think the responses are interesting, or if they answers are too obvious. However, I thought it worked very well for the most part.

Here are all the questions, organised by category, with a contributor's note if I can remember who contributed. :)

Category 1: Terms and General Knowledge )

Category 2: Awards )

Category 3: Germany )

Category 4: England )

Category 5: Specific Songs )

So there they are, all the written down questions, anyway. But I'm afraid you had to be there to experience the magic that was [ profile] unclechristo as Your Host, not to mention the theramin rounds and the objects from the fifth dimension! :-D

Thanks very much to everybody who contributed to making the one bit of programming I was a little scared about a big success.
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I give you Zed's Dead: A Transatlantic Writing Essay.

It's a gentle nudge in the other direction from the complaints English writers make about Americans not getting it right when they write about English people or set things in England:

Every now and then a British writer attempts to write in an American voice, and, well, ow. Dearies, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but some of you need a little teensy bit of help.

Trust me: From my comfortable-in-both-worlds point of view, it's extremely funny

Edit: Alas, the author of this post has friendslocked it. The public entry in her journal reads that she has been advised to edit it for publication and so has taken it off public status.
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I should really go to bed.

But I could be playing with the Mr T Virtual Playset.

Or watching a video from [ profile] khaosworks for Jonathan Coulson's Re: Your Brains song.

Or practise interval training at Learn2Hear.

Or, you know, I could always torture you all with The Idiot Test.

I am so lame.
Goodnight, LJ.
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From [ profile] livejournal_uk:

"I hate auto electrics. They always have me mistified."

Possibly because I'm reading a lot of urban fantasy right now, I immediately imagined how fairies and elves would of course fix their auto electrics: first, as with all Elfin Magic, they'd have to draw down the mists! This poor person keeps forgetting that once you do the mistiful magic on the electrics, you've got to actually clear the mists before anything works properly again. That pesky new wave of sidhe just has to have everything done in one step, right this minute!

(crossposted to [ profile] grammarpolice)
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Courtesy of [ profile] khall, this video, from YouTube.

NOT work safe. Hilariously funny. In French, with subtitles.

Nifty Links

Oct. 3rd, 2006 09:52 am
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On the advice of [ profile] kingofthewho, I studiously did not download the StumbleUpon plug-in for Firefox, and proceed to enjoy the most fun timesink I've found in ages, for both useful an frivolous links. Yeah, right....

StumbleUpon takes a survey of your interests, and when you click the StumbleUpon icon in the browser bar, it takes you to a "random" site that matches your interests.

Places I've bookmarked so far:
Star Wars ASCIIMation. Frivolous.
Blogmusik. Interesting.
Open Source Mac. Useful!
Pandora, which I already knew about but had forgotten.
God Checker. Frivolous and interesting.
Meebo, a blogging community apparently based on IM friend groups?, which I already knew about but had forgotten to bookmark., a repository of OSX-style mac icons.
Things Mac OSX.

Maybe I'm just not booking too many of the frivolous spots, because most of these look downright useful. However, if you haven't seen the Star Wars ASCIIMation page, it's worth a look. It's completely silent and work safe, if you can control the giggling.

....and I need a new geeksphere icon. Again!
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When I was in Ireland last summer for Scoil na gCláirseach, I got an Irish PAYG SIM for my phone, from Carphone Warehouse, which is where we ted to go for mobile phone stuff, mostly out of habit, I think.

About a week after we got back from Ireland, a little booklet came to the house, addressed to J, in whose name our main CW account is in, all about the new K800i and how great it was that J had this phone (which of course he doesn't: it's my phone!), and it mentioned his name and put him into the text in an amusingly familiar manner.

Today, we got an advert from Carphone Warehouse, addressed to me. Apparently, CW thinks I should move from my PAYG plan (the one I used in Ireland for two weeks in August) and get a monthly contract.

I will quote from the text:

"Harper, switch to a contract account and go home with one of our gorgeous models"

I am not making this up. The cover picture is a Nokia 1100 being brushed with a makeup brush.

"Exclusive! Nokia 1100 speaks out: 'My Life With Harper'"

OK, slightly creepy, especially since I've never owned a Nokia 1100. A quick search suggests that this is one of the phones they offer at a good price to PAYG customers, so OK, only a little creepy.

But inside, it gets even weirder.... )

Lost TV

May. 17th, 2006 11:52 pm
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Lost TV

Tonight on our way home from Folkmob, we have seen a handwritten sign on a lamppost, offering a reward for the return of a stolen television. It is a 23 inch and answers to the name of Ferguson. Alas, no photo! J suggested we call the number on the little sign and suggest that the family include a badly photocopied snapshot just for ambiance, but then we thought better of this: a bereaved, telly-less family might not take our well-intentioned advice in the best light. After all, they're probably imagining their poor television set, lost, wandering the streets aimlessly and wildly, picking up signals wherever it can, living in fear of the TV Licence Van....
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Funny for today:

From Making Light, I do not think that means what you think it means.

Well, I was amused....
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Quote of the night

From [ profile] sdorn and [ profile] fleetfootmike, on #filkhaven:

There were three yeast, came from the West
Their budding for to try

And these three yeast took a solemn oath,
John Barleycorn must rise

They mixed, they beat they kneaded
Beat him around the head...

'Til these three yeast were satisfied...

John Barleycorn was...

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Heavy Plant Music Of Lurve

So while you're out there, sitting in your computer chairs or on your couches with your fancy wi-fi laptops, having a snack or your first or eighth cup of tea (hey, it's Saturday!), and Life Is Good, remember that others are changing the world in their own special ways..

I tell you, while you arebeing complacent and swimming in your couch potato glory, my filceolaireGiant Robot Man is inventing the new Language of Love.

Because he is so, so, so romantical! Just last week, we were having dinner together (takeaway lamb shish with extra garlic sauce and chips for me, yes!), and he'd already finished his chicken kebab and was feeling all happy to be alive.

"Put your head on my shoulder," he said. At this point, I should remind you that lamb shish is chewy.

I put my head on his shoulder. I was, I'm afraid, still chewing the lamb. See above: lamb shish is chewy.

"Aw, that's so sweet. You sound like a cement mixer," he said lovingly.

I sat up straight. I finished chewing. I looked at him in surprise and shock. "A cement mixer? What a thing to say to your beloved wife!"

"Have you ever," he said seriously, looking at me with those adorable, childlike blue eyes of his, "really listened to a cement mixer?"

You have got to be kidding me. "Um, no," I replied.

He searched for words. "It's nice," he said. "It's much nicer than a drill, for example."

"Nice than a drill."

"Yes. Much nicer than a drill."

"A drill. Is it nicer than a freezer's hum?"

"Oh, yes. It's much, much nicer than the rumble of a car, too."

"How about a bus?"


"You mean to tell me that you like the noise a cement mixer makes."

"Yes. It's very nice."

"And how would you class a cement mixer? What kind of vehicle is that?"

"Heavy plant."

Is it any wonder that I don't look forward in delighted anticipation to the tiny velvet box that will be under the Christmas tree? No, no; I think the second anniversary is TONKA, isn't it?
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From [ profile] autographedcat:

Nerd Hell.

We're all goin' there, youknow......
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from [ profile] fleetfootmike:
How to Write Like a Wanker.

And, from [ profile] book_icons:
Icons based on _The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Death-Eaters_!

Amusing, inspiring, uplifting-- you make the choice. :)


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