Apr. 16th, 2010

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There's been no time to write recently, as I've got back to my day job and have an approaching deadline for my MA term assessment. I have been knitting of course, and I've also been thinking about different ways to write about knitting. So here's a list of knitterly things I want to tell you about over the coming days/weeks/months/whatever/did I mention I'm busy? ;)

  • How it feels to cast on 547 stitches in Channel Island cast on, and just what is Channel Island cast on, anyway?
  • Using stuff from my weird techniques class in real life: why knowing how to knit (well, purl!) backwards is making me very happy as I work on this 10-stitch triangle.
  • Sometimes the chart's just too damn big -- Cairdeas on hold for now.
  • Itching to get back to sock design work over the spring and summer when I'm on break from the MA. Stay tuned.
  • How would you guys feel if I said I was seriously thinking about offering a class that's nothing but cast ons? And another that's nothing but cast offs? Would you laugh? Or would you be like, "Wow, I wanna take THAT!" (Assuming you take knitting classes at all, that is.)

and back to work.


kniteracy: You can get this design on a card or a picture to hang! (Default)

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