Feb. 4th, 2010

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Hi, I'm Gwen, and I am a yarn addict.

(Hi, Gwen!)

That's how all this started, anyway. I was at I Knit London last night to teach my class, and the lovely L let me know that there was Handmaiden Silk in the house. At first, I refused to even get up and look at it, because I worried what would happen.

Well, it's gorgeous. Amazing. The colourways are fabulous. But there's only 650 yards in a skein, and I would be unable to make Dryad without two skeins. At £22.95 a pop, that's much more than my budget (what budget? I'm broke!) currently allows. Then, I had a look at their wool/cashmere sock yarn and was just about lightheaded with yarnlust. L, R, and half the shop were unhelpful; Alpaca Addict pulled me back from the brink and reminded me that in order to be awake and alive to knit, I must also have the money to eat, bless her!

So....I decided that when I got home last night, I'd take a look at the lace yarn I have, assess it for projectworthiness, and satisfy my craving for a new lace project with some of the gorgeous laceweight already in my stash. I know, sounds logical, but if you could have touched this stuff... omgomgomg.


The photo that follows is all the lace yarn from my stash that I might want to use in a new project. It includes some 4-ply (the Debbie Bliss, Artisan Ravelry Red Silk and the Duet Sock, and the DT Craft Designs, although the DT is very light) and some standard laceweight (Cherry Tree Hill, Wildfire Fibres, Knitwitches, Knitting Goddess Cashmere), and one that might fall in the middle but is definitely closer to lace in my book (Mind's Eye). I've noted their yardage in the caption to the photograph below. I left out the Malabrigo Lace (in neon green!) I'm using for Heere Be Dragone!, since I am going to finish that one day; heck, I may even take him along to the convention this weekend, though I doubt I'll give him so much as a stroke. I left out several skeins of cobweb lace yarn because I'm just not feeling up to it at the moment. I may have missed some things in the bottom of the WWII US Army footlocker reserved just for sock and lace wool (and maybe from the three plastic bins that serve as the overflow storage for the WWII US Army footlocker reserved just for sock and lace wool....). (What?! Shut up!)

But this is a good enough stack to choose from for now.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook (yes, OK, I may also have an internet problem, but I promise it doesn't get in the way of the knitting: just housework, deadlines, and managing to get out of the house on time, and it has the added bonus of keeping me way up to date on bad American television!), you might have read that I'm looking for a new lace project. I want something repetitive but interesting, stunning if possible. It's not that I'm tired of socks (how could I be? I have something like a dozen pairs on needles!); it's just that sometimes I itch for something different. Well, and when I'm stressed, as I'm stressed about this weekend's convention, I itch to start something new. Starting something makes me feel confident, if that makes any sense.

So take a look at the yarn picture below, if you would please, and then take a look at some of the projects linked to below the cut tag. I'm afraid some of them are Ravelry links. What catches your fancy?

Under Consideration: Lace Wool
Under Consideration: Lace Wool
From the bottom (large white label with lady's face on it), clockwise around and into the middle:

1. Duet Sock Yarn from A Swell Yarn Shop, bought at Socktopus last year; 450 yards. Coordinating heel and toe yarn, but I'm sure I'd find a use for it if I used this for a lace project.

2. Wild Fire Fibres Unicorn Lace, in colourway "Broken Stones". A Christmas gift (2008) from delightful elder stepdaughter who is muchly adept at lace knitting. 1200 yards.

3. Knitwitches Seriously Gorgeous Laceweight Kid, in colourway "Sherbert". Bought at I Knit London sometime last year I think. 1200 metres.

4. Knitting Goddess cashmere lace in colourway "Autumn". I'm hesitant to use this, because it was a gift from Joy when I said I'd design a couple of lace socks for her. Both socks are designed, but the patterns aren't finished and the test socks aren't knitted. 1050 metres.

5. DT Craft Designs hand dyed sock yarn in colourway "Enchanted Glade". A gift from a knitswap from a couple of years ago. Alpaca and nylon, 382 yards.

6. Artisan Yarns Ravelry Red Bright Silk, the last skein they had of it at I Knit Day in September 2009. 600 metres.

7. Debbie Bliss Pure Silk. Bought at John Lewis sale last summer for a very good price, colourway 27015, 500 metres.

8. Mind's Eye Merino Sock Yarn (with portion on needles, leading up to centre). Yes, I started the Hypnosis Sock from Enchanted Sole on this wool, but I'm unhappy with how it's knitting up as a sock and it feels much more lacey to me. So I'll restart Hypnosis in Firelizard (which I should have done to begin with, duh) and rewind this. Bought at Mind's Eye in Cambridge MA on our last trip to the US. 400 yards.

9. (In the centre, partly wound and partly still in the hank—you'll understand why in about 5 seconds) Cherry Tree Hill Merino Lace in colourway River Run, bought at I Knit London last year. 2400 yards.

Lace Project Possibilities:


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