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Hey, Kniterati!

I'm just writing up Thursday night's mini-sock class, and I want to make sure I'm not forgetting anything. Prereqs for the class say students should be able to knit in the round, but that doesn't mean they'll understand dpns, so that'll be the only not totally sock related thing we'll cover.

I guess my question here is: on a very small sock (say a 24-st cast-on just to make the maths really easy), do you think I can cover all this in two hours?

Mini-Sock Class Outline


  1. Anatomy of a sock

    1. Cuff
    2. Leg
    3. Heel Flap
    4. Heel Turn
    5. Gussett
    6. Foot
    7. Toe

    8. Knitting in the round on double-pointed needles (DPNs)

Knitting your sock

  1. In the round:

    1. Ribbing the cuff
    2. Working the leg
    3. Sock maths: calculating heel flap

  2. On the flat:

    1. Knit the heel flap
    2. Sock maths: calculating heel turn
    3. Turn the heel
    4. Sock maths: calculating gusset pick-ups

  3. In the round:

    1. Pick up gusset stitches
    2. Sock maths: calculating gusset decreases
    3. Knitting gusset decreases
    4. Left and right-leaning decreases
    5. Knitting the foot
    6. Sock maths: calculating toe decreases
    7. Toe decreases
    8. Grafting

What do people think? I'll bring along an example mini-sock of exactly the kind we're going to be making, colour coded for sock anatomy demonstration.


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